From: Ericka Kammerer on
Pologirl wrote:
> Enzymes are wonderful! That's the principle behind using Tide
> detergent, by the way.

Yes, but if you need the heavy duty stuff, I figure
anything that can get out cat pee will get out just about any
bodily fluids, no problem ;-) As I said, though, you do
sometimes have to go further if there are artificial dyes
involved (reason #1 not to feed pets food with artificial
dyes ;-) )

> If there are solids in the vomit it still saves a lot of work to use a
> carpet cleaning machine. Unless you have a wet vac, I suppose.
> Pressing the spot does not do the trick, if there are solids or semi-
> solids. These machines can use enzymatic cleaners, by the way.

Yep. I just dump the Simple Solution right in there.
Works a treat.

Best wishes,