From: Dan Sullivan on

"Greegor" <greegor47(a)> wrote in message
>G > Dan, you are a legend in your own mind.
> DJS3 > I love it when you're left to write messages all by yourself.
> G > You provide all of the help I need!
> DJS3 > You don't need help to be a liar, grag.
> DJS3 > All you need to do is get up in the morning.
> You talked about your family and your cases
> with CPS, but when I asked some rather pointed
> questions you then said you will only answer
> questions if I sent them to you in paper
> (like an interrogatory, paper deposition) by
> way of the US Mail.


Send the questions by Return Receipt so you'll know I got them.

> For example, you said you had a BIPOLAR
> ex-wife and you had kids with her.
> But you won't answer the question about
> WHEN in that process you knew she was
> bipolar.
> Even your good buddy Kent has said that
> it would be incredible if you didn't know
> before you married her.

You married a bi-polar woman, grag.

How did you not know she was bi-polar before you married her?