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The Trial of Benedict XVI By Jeff Israely and Howard Chua-Eoan
Thursday, May. 27, 2010
How do you atone for something terrible, like the Inquisition?....When
his turn came, Ratzinger, the church's premier theologian, intoned a
short prayer that said "that even men of the church, in the name of
faith and morals, have sometimes used methods not in keeping with the
Gospel in the solemn duty of defending the truth."....

"He grabbed me, tickling and wrestling like I did with my dad, and I
thought at first it was fun," McDaid, who grew up in Salem, Mass.,
says of a parish priest. "But then something changed ... He started
grabbing my genitals. I felt him rubbing against me from behind ... I
was so scared. I knew this was so wrong. I looked out the window. I
started praying." That would happen again and again over three years.
McDaid's devout mother was delighted whenever the priest arrived to
pick up her son, just 11 when the abuse started, to join other boys on
trips to the beach. But, recalls McDaid, now 54, "the last boy out of
the car was the one who would get molested." He finally spoke to his
dad, who then took him to a priest from the next town to report what
had happened. "We waited for months. Then there was a rotation of
priests. He left, but they made it look like a natural progression.
They celebrated him with cake and ice cream." The boy was left in
silence and with his secret shame. The priest, Father Joseph
Birmingham, went on to abuse boys in three other parishes in the
Boston area before he died in 1989.,8599,1992171,00.html

Germany: 205 claims of abuse at Jesuit schools
AP Thu May 27, 2010 MUNICH – A special investigator says in her final
report that at least 205 former students claim to have been sexually
or otherwise abused in Jesuit schools in Germany. Investigator Ursula
Raue said Thursday she thinks the number is even higher, as "we cannot
expect to have heard everything yet." She said 46 Jesuits and non-
clerical staff at the schools have been accused of abuse or of knowing
of such crimes without acting.

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