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The Handy Switch, pitched in infomercials by the late Billy Mays, is
theoretically a cool product. It's a wireless light switch that you
can install and plug in anywhere. It would be very useful were it not
for its unfortunate tendency to burst into flames.

Consumer reporter Mitch Lipka, who buys and tests products for
WalletPop, managed to get a Target Halloween flashlight yanked off
shelves earlier this month when his caught fire. Then his Handy
was recalled for similar reasons. Luckily, it wasn't in use in his
home because the thing didn't work in the first place.

When you put a battery in a flashlight the flashlight shouldn't start
burning. One my son brought home from a birthday party did.

It came from Target -- three for $1 in a package marketing them for
Halloween. I dropped in a new Energizer battery, screwed on the top
and the flashlight got warm right away. I shut off the flashlight and
placed it on the kitchen table. A few minutes later a sizzling sound
could be heard that we couldn't identify. The burning smell quickly
led us to the flashlight, which was now smoking and melting from the
heat. I grabbed an oven mitt, grabbed the flashlight and went out on
the balcony and shoved it into a pot of dirt.