From: Kent Wills on
At one time, not so long ago, Gregory Scott "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson,
wife beater (two conviction -- one resulting in incarceration) user
and abuser of illegal drugs (self admitted and one conviction for OWI)
and child abuser (self admitted and on Iowa's Child Abuse Registry)
DROOLED like Pavlov's dogs at the mere thought of getting more
attention from me when he wrote:

>Kent, It's a fiction on your part.

Whereas you are psychologically UNABLE to be honest,
intentionally, it's clear you're letting anyone and everyone reading
know it is not.
Maybe you should try honesty, Greg. I understand you HATE the
very concept, but give it a try.

>Apparently my REAL court record was
>just not bad enough so you had to
>fabricate this LIE about me having
>an old OWI charge/conviction.

Which is why I don't lie about it. It's well known that you're
scum. You see women as OBJECTS put on this planet to be the
recipients of your rage is something you've NEVER denied (by YOUR
standards, you've admitted the claim is true).
You were incarcerated for BEATING your ex-wife. One doesn't get
locked up for pushing their attacker away, as you have DISHONESTLY
tried to claim occurred with you.
It's well documented that you hold the delusion that you are
exempt from any and all laws. You've been named as the defendant in
MANY criminal and civil cases.
There is no gain for me to LIE about your record, so I don't. And
that is what really upsets you.
Someone with your first and last name (which by YOUR standard is
enough), with the same date of birth you claim as your own was
arrested for, and later convicted of, OWI.
I don't know what the substance was, but it's pretty clear it
wasn't alcohol. That you try so hard to get the focus on alcohol
gives reason to believe it something else.
Was it supposed to be expunged? Is this why you're so upset
about it's being made public?
Do remember YOU tried to connect the OWI with your court ordered
drug rehab. No one else so much as tried to imply the two were
connected. You alone tried to associate the two.
While it's far more work than I am going to invest to find out,
it's possible that your completing the court ordered drug rehab was
supposed to get the conviction expunged from your record. If this is
the case, it's clear the word didn't get to the right people, since
anyone with an interest can visit the state records and find it.
So, Greg, now that your latest deception has been exposed, what
will you do? Will you HIDE from the TRUTH I've presented, or will you
attempt to distract from it. You are psychologically UNABLE to be
intentionally honest, so that's not going to happen.

>You KNOW it's not real because you
>faked it up and that's why you have
>never posted a CASE NUMBER for
>this fake OWI you keep posting.

Prove it. Failure to PROVE your claim that I'm lying will mean,
by YOUR standards, that you're admitting to your own lying regarding
this matter.
As you'll see in this reply, your word games will only come back
to bite you, metaphorically speaking. As such, there's no point in
playing them.

>I basically don't smoke, drink or do drugs.

Yet you admitted you stalk, by the very definition you posted to
accuse others of stalking you, the members of alt.friends because of
your use and abuse of illegal drugs.
Are you telling me, and anyone else reading, that you LIED when
you made the admission? I've always acknowledged this as possible,
but you've never actually denied that your admission was anything less
than true.
And the lack of denial means something to you, right? Of course
it does. It means you're admitting the admission you gave was a rare
instance of you being honest.

>In my entire life I have embibed liquor
>perhaps 10 time ever.
>I do not like liquor and never have.

And your point is what, exactly?
Again you want DISHONESTLY present that alcohol alone could have
been the cause of your arrest and conviction for OWI.
Maybe it was nothing more than an over the counter sleeping pill.
As you already know, but are psychologically UNABLE to admit, such a
pill can lead to OWI in Iowa. I don't know that it's ever happened,
but Iowa law does allow for it.

>I do not do street drugs and do not smoke.

So you use and abuse prescription drugs? If you don't have a
script for them, they would be illegal. If you've gone doctor
shopping to get more scripts, they would be illegal. They wouldn't be
considered a street drug, if either or both are the case. This is the
very reason you only use the term street drugs, right?
Yes, I have figured out your word games and know how you play.
So, tell the readers, however many that may be, just what the
substance was, Greg. Let us know what you were on when you were
arrested for OWI.
You can forgo the alcohol rant. I've accepted alcohol isn't
likely to be the substance in question.

>I tried marijuana about 1978 and found it
>likeable but never felt the need to try it again.

I found it STUPID when I tried it in the late 80's. I was
hungry, tired and my eyes were bloodshot. I could have gotten the
same effect from swimming.

>In my entire life so far, I have rarely even taken aspirin.

But you'll down the PRESCRIPTION pain killers like candy, right?

>You ARE Kent Bradley Wills.

You've claimed I am not. Were you lying then, or are you lying
You've never answered this question the MANY times it's been
asked. But what's even more important is how you've never denied
either to be a lie, which by YOUR own standards, means you've admitted
one of the claims is a lie.
Since, by YOUR standards, you've proved yourself a LIAR regarding
something as unimportant as my name in real life, why should anyone,
ever, believe any claim you make?
Why are you still using and abusing illegal drugs, Greg? You're
still stalking the members of alt.friends, so you must still be using
and abusing illegal drugs.
Unless you LIED about why you're doing the stalking.

A select number of items that really are about Gregory Scott "Piggly
Wiggly" Hanson (either directly or through the same standards he
DEMANDS be held to others):

(DOB 05/22/1959)
Comments: CT 1 OWI 1ST
Comments: CT 2 SPEED
Disposition Status

"That's the chick, but not the pic, zipperhead!"
Greg "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson proving his bigotry towards Asians, by
attacking my first wife (deceased).

Me: "I suspect your stalking is due to the use and abuse of illegal
drugs, Greg. Is the reason for your stalking the members of
alt.friends due to the use and abuse of illegal drugs?

Gregory Scott "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson, wife beater and child abuser:
"Of course."

"My family's case is for Neglect, but we are treated
in virtually every regard as child abusers, marked on
the Child Abuse registry, for example."
-- Gregory Scott "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson, wife beater and child

As of Saturday, March 27, 2010:

Comments: OPA $2805.04

+ INTEREST AT 7.271% FROM 8/6/98 & $45.00 COSTS.

FEES $35.60

Gregory Scott "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson has a Garnishment order against
him from Ed Polkers. There is nothing to even suggest any of the
money legally owed has been paid. The SoL on the order has likely
expired, but Greg still can't risk getting a job due to it.

As of Saturday, March 27, 2010:
Case: 06571 AGCR015216 (LINN)
Citation Number:

Summary Orig Paid Due
COSTS 9200.00 850.00 8350.00
FINE 500.00 500.00 0.00
SURCHARGE 150.00 150.00 0.00
RESTITUTION 0.00 0.00 0.00
OTHER 0.00 0.00 0.00

$9850.00 $1500.00 $8350.00

Yes, Gregory Scott "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson still owes over
$8000.00 related to his convictions for BEATING his ex-wife.

Me: Hey, he used your standards.
Gregory Scott "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson: It's textbook psychopathic

Greg admitting his standards are psychopathic.