From: dr_jeff on
john wrote:
> Gardasil�, as well as other
> immunizations administered to adolescent women, are dispensed without regard
> to where a woman is within her menstrual cycle. During Gardasil�'s, clinical
> trial period, FDA approval, and during the two years it has been on the
> market, not one article has been written about how a young woman might
> tolerate the injection during premenstrum; nor is there any information in
> the Patient Product Information or the Prescribing Information on the
> Gardasil� web site, that cites any corollary to adverse reactions to the
> injection in relationship to the menstrual cycle. Withholding this
> information is nothing less than a crime against women

Can you please cite the evidence that would suggest that giving vaccines
during different phases of a woman's menstral cycle would make a difference?

Why do you think it would make a difference? Does it make a difference
for any other vaccine?