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> Okay. I read it. Excerpt:
> "... research has shown that autistic kids do not excrete mercury
> efficiently. The hair would not contain any measurable amounts of
> mercury"
> I've seen that study. And it puzzles me how SafeMinds has
> enthusiastically seized upon it in light of their own past
> assertions. After all, it was HIGH levels of mercury in the hair of
> an autistic child that launched what became SafeMinds in the first
> place.
> Check this out:
> That's SafeMinds president Lyn Redwood testifying before Congress in
> 2000 about how HIGH levels of mercury in her son's hair proved that
> mercury causes autism.
> "Heavy metal analysis detected 4.8 parts per million mercury in his
> hair, the allowable levels being less than 1 part per million...
> Since my son has never eaten fish nor seafood nor had dental amalgams,
> I had no other identifiable source for his mercury levels outside of
> the thimerosal exposure from his vaccines and my RhoGAM injections."
> That is, far from being inefficient hair excretors, it appears from
> her own testimony that her autistic son's hair follicles were champion
> mercury excretors.

I am a Rhogam mom, My son does not have autism. I also had my sons
baby hair tested for mercury, it was 13.78 mcg. This was for a 6 month
old infant. Does this mean my son excretes mercury? I dont think so.
This just shows the high levels that were in his blood at the time.

In Japan at the Institute of Minamata Disease, They check for mercury
via hair samples. It is the most accurate way to show mercury for the
past few months.

What I have come to conclude from my studies...Some kids can not
excrete mercury at all(They would be children VERY disabled, Cerebral
Palsy, Microcephaly, ect) Some excrete a little mercury, They too
would be very disabled. Some are slow excreters, some are fast

In Japan when there was the huge mercury poisoning outbreak, NOT all
the children were born disabled, yet they ate the same fish from the
same waters. So this means there had to be a genetic link where the
kids could not excrete the mercury. This is significant, because some
say its the "dose" that makes the poison. The Japan study proves that
its not the dose that made the poison or ALL the children would have
been born disabled.

Its like smoking ciggarettes, some develop cancer. Some can smoke 60
years and never develop cancer, yet someone else could develop cancer
just from second hand smoke.

I think where the Autism group is wrong, is that they believe thier
children can not excrete mercury. I believe for the most part they are
good excreters, But were dosed enough with mercury to cause Autism. If
they were not excreters, They would be excreting a lot of mercury when
they chelate, and I havent seen that happening, Although they do get
thier kids to rid thier bodies of some mercury. Nothing compared with
what they were injected with.

Mercury in the Rhogam has been proven to cause severe mental
retardation in unborn children.

Bayer made Rhogam, Bayer in 2003

Petitioned OEHHA to take thimerosal/mercury off the list of
reproductive toxins,

Here is OEHHA reply to Bayer.

OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assesment) reports;

"The scientific evidence that PMA and Thimerosal cause reproductive
toxcitity is CLEAR and VOLUMINOUS.

The evidence for its reproductive toxcitity includes severe mental
retardation or malformations in human offspring who were poisoned
when thier mothers were exposed to ethylmercury or thimerosal while