From: Mark Probert on
On Nov 29, 2:40 am, Jan Drew <jdrew63...(a)> wrote:
> A haraser and proven hypocrite.

You subject line reads:

Re: I haveMark s Probert is a proven liar,etc.

However, what you have posted proves that is it YOU who is a proven
liar, harasser, stalker and YENTA.

> From: "Mark Probert" <mark_probertREMOVEGARB...(a)>
> Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 07:42:43 -0400
> Local: Thurs, Jul 18 2002 6:42 am
> Subject: Dear Judy:
> When I opened my email last night I was surprised to find some
> unsolicited
> email from you. I was truly hoping that you had decided to provide
> the
> documentation of Mannatech's safety and efficacy that you said
> existed.
> However, I was somewhat dismayed to find email that would make even a
> crusty
> old Marine drill sgt. blush.
> I thought you wee, at least, a lady. It saddens me to have to write
> to
> you
> in such a public manner, but, you have earned this.
> If you do, such email constitutes harassment, and I will not suffer
> it
> in
> silence. I did not complain to your company, ISP, etc. However, such
> behavior on your part will generate a complaint from me.
> If you have something to say, keep it public.
> Mark Probert