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> The Lancet Retraction Changes Nothing
> by David Kirby
> Feb 2, 2010

What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Can't think for yourself?

Or are you just an oversized coward hiding behind the words of others.

Yeah, you're a coward.

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> When all this hand waving is finished, the reason he lost credibility
> and the co-authors withdrew their names and the journal retracted it
> is
> quite simple.
> He was in the pay of a lawyer in the business of sueing on the basis
> of
> what the paper was to come to conclude. He did not disclose this as
> is
> now accepted ethics in journal publishing.

It would appear based on what happened here that the "now accepted
ethics" was not a wise choice and that because of possible future
monerary outcomes the results were tainted and premature at best.

> This disorder is increasing suggesting an environmental link. With
> this
> study withdrawn and several others showing no such link with vaccines
> we
> need to look elsewhere.

Of course you do and maybe they should not be so quick in the future to
sell their souls to the devil.

This put all anti-vaccer's in a bad light and showed them for what they
are, hypocrites, drowning in a sea of science that goes against them but
like any other agenda oriented group it is the final outcome of their
desire that is all important. Not truth, not honesty, not even
sincerity, just buy what the devil offers if it fits your purposes and
keep on keeping on.

Now they all look like a ship of fools.

> The social movement to make the vaccinee link came from this paper.
> It
> is now gone and the social momentum should support efforts to now find
> the real link. The motivation to do the several other studies came
> from
> this paper. It is proper that research turn to other possible links
> in
> light of the scientific findings.

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KACHING!! Disbarred lawyer.

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