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Two held, racket in human trafficking busted
USA Swimming Hit With Another Sexual Abuse Lawsuit
Vatican pleased US plaintifs seek to dismiss case

The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA's Experiments on Children
Wednesday 11 August 2010 H.P. Albarelli Jr. and Dr. Jeffrey S. Kaye, t
r u t h o u t | Investigative Report

describes crimes


From early 1940 to 1953, Dr. Lauretta Bender, a highly respected child
neuropsychiatrist practicing at Bellevue Hospital in New York City,
experimented extensively with electroshock therapy on children who had
been diagnosed with "autistic schizophrenia." In all, it has been
reported that Bender administered electroconvulsive therapy to at
least 100 children ranging in age from three years old to 12 years,
with some reports indicating the total may be twice that number. One
source reports that, inclusive of Bender's work, electroconvulsive
treatment was used on more than 500 children at Bellevue Hospital from
1942 to 1956, and then at Creedmoor State Hospital Children's Service
from 1956 to 1969....Despite publicly claiming good results with
electroshock treatment, privately Bender said she was seriously
disappointed in the aftereffects and results shown by the subject
children. Indeed, the condition of some of the children appeared to
have only worsened. One six-year-old boy, after being shocked several
times, went from being a shy, withdrawn child to acting increasingly
aggressive and violent. Another child, a seven-year-old girl,
following five electroshock sessions had become nearly catatonic.

Years later, another of Bender's young patients who became overly
aggressive after about 20 treatments, now grown, was convicted in
court as a "multiple murderer." Others, in adulthood, reportedly were
in and of trouble and prison for a battery of petty and violent
crimes. A 1954 scientific study of about 50 of Bender's young
electroshock patients, conducted by two psychologists, found that
nearly all were worse off after the "therapy" and that some had become
suicidal after treatment. One of the children studied in 1954 was the
son of well-known writer Jacqueline Susann, author of the bestselling
novel "Valley of the Dolls." Susann's son, Guy, was diagnosed with
autism shortly after birth and, when he was three years old, Dr.
Bender convinced Susann and her husband that Guy could be successfully
treated with electroshock therapy. Guy returned home from Bender's
care a nearly lifeless child. Susann later told people that Bender had
"destroyed" her son. Guy has been confined to institutions since his
To their credit, some of Dr. Bender's colleagues considered her use of
electroshock on children "scandalous," but few colleagues spoke out
against her, a situation still today common among those in the medical

About the same time Dr. Bender was conducting her electroshock
experiments, she was also widely experimenting on autistic and
schizophrenic children with what she termed other "treatment
endeavors." These included use of a wide array of psycho-
pharmaceutical agents, several provided to her by the Sandoz Chemical
Co. in Basel, Switzerland, as well as Metrazol, sub-shock insulin
therapy, amphetamines and anticonvulsants. Metrazol was a trade name
for pentylenetetrazol, a drug used as a circulatory and respiratory
stimulant. High doses cause convulsions, as discovered in 1934 by the
Hungarian-American neurologist and psychiatrist Ladislas J. Meduna....

Here it should be noted that, during the cold war years, CIA and Army
Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC) interrogators, working as part of
projects Bluebird and Artichoke, sometimes injected large amounts of
Metrazol into selected enemy or Communist agents for the purposes of
severely frightening other suspected agents, by forcing them to
observe the procedure. The almost immediate effects of Metrazol are
shocking for many to witness: subjects will shake violently, twisting
and turning. They typically arch, jerk and contort their bodies and
grimace in pain. With Metrazol, as with electroshock, bone fractures -
including broken necks and backs - and joint dislocations are not
uncommon, unless strong sedatives are administered beforehand....
CIC interrogators working in Germany would be assisted in their use of
interrogation drugs by several "former" Nazi scientists recruited by
the CIA and US State Department as part of Project Paperclip. By early
1952, the CIC's Rough Boys would routinely use Metrazol during
interrogations, as well as LSD, mescaline and conventional
electroshock units....

Dr. Bender Discovers LSD

In 1955 and1956, Dr. Bender began hearing glowing accounts about the
potential of LSD for producing remarkable results in children
suffering mental disorders, including autism and schizophrenia.
Bender's earlier work with electroshock therapy had brought her into
contact with several other prominent physicians who, at the time, were
covert contractors with the CIA's MK/ULTRA and Artichoke projects.
Primary among these physicians were Drs. Harold A. Abramson, Paul
Hoch, James B. Cattell, Joel Elkes, Max Fink, Harris Isbell and Alfred
Hubbard. Some of these names may be familiar to readers. Dr. Abramson,
a noted allergist who surreptitiously worked for both the US Army and
CIA since the late 1940s, was the physician Frank Olson was taken to
see, shortly before his murder in New York City in November 1953.
About a year earlier, Drs. Hoch and Cattell were responsible for
injecting unwitting New York State Psychiatric Institute patient
Harold Blauer with a massive dose of mescaline that killed him. Dr.
Elkes was one of the earliest physicians in Europe to experiment with
LSD, having requested samples of the drug from Sandoz Chemical Co. in
1949. Elkes was a close associate of Dr. Abraham Wikler, who worked
closely with Dr. Harris Isbell at the now-closed Lexington, Kentucky,
prison farm, where hundreds of already drug-addicted inmates were
given heroin in exchange for their participation in LSD and mescaline
experiments underwritten by the CIA and Pentagon. Elkes worked closely
with the CIA, Pentagon and Britain's MI6 on drug experiments in
England and the United States.

Dr. Fink, who was greatly admired by Bender, is considered the
godfather of electroshock therapy in the United States. In the early
1950s and beyond, Fink was a fully cleared CIA Project Artichoke
consultant. In 1951, CIA officials under the direction of Paul Gaynor
and Morse Allen of the agency's Security Research Service (SRS) that
oversaw Artichoke, worked closely with Fink in New York City in
efforts to thoroughly explore the merits of electroshock techniques
for interrogations. The CIA was especially interested in the use of
standard electroshock machines in producing amnesia, inducing subjects
to talk and making subjects more prone to hypnotic control. According
to one CIA document, Fink told officials "an individual could
gradually be reduced through the use to electroshock treatment to the
vegetable level."....

Other physicians whom Dr. Bender consulted about the effects of LSD on
children were Drs. Ronald A. Sandison, Thomas M. Ling and John
Buckman. These three worked in England at both the Chelsea Clinic in
London and Potwick Hospital in Worcestershire, outside of London.
Sandison is credited with having been the first person to bring LSD
into England, this in 1952 after he met Albert Hofmann in Basle,
Switzerland, at the Sandoz Chemical laboratories. Hofmann handed
Sandison a box of around 600 ampules, each containing 100 micrograms
of LSD. Back in England, Sandison shared his psychedelic bounty with
associates Drs. Ling and Buckman. Before the year was out, Sandison
also turned Hubbard on to LSD, guiding Hubbard through his first trip.
Sandison also began a new treatment program at the Gothic-looking
Potwick facility that he dubbed Psycholytic Therapy. His program's
patients were mostly schizophrenics. In 1958, an LSD treatment unit
was established at Potwick. Over the years, it has been reported that
the CIA, MI6 and the Macy Foundation secretly helped finance the unit.
Dr. Elkes helped by raising about $75,000 for the unit's operation.
For the next ten years the unit administered over 15,000 doses of LSD
to about 900 patients....

Dr. Bender's LSD Experiments on Children

Shortly after deciding to initiate her own LSD experiments on
children, Bender attended a conference sponsored by a CIA front group,
the Josiah Macy Foundation. The conference focused on LSD research and
featured Dr. Harold A. Abramson as a presenter. In 1960, Abramson
conducted his own LSD experiments on a group of six children ranging
in age from five to 14 years of age. A few short months after the Macy
Foundation conference, Dr. Bender was notified that her planned LSD
experiments would be partially and surreptitiously funded by the
Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology (SIHE), another CIA
front group then located in Forest Hills, New York. The Society,
headed by James L. Monroe, a former US Air Force officer who had
worked on top-secret psychological warfare and propaganda projects,
oversaw about 55 top-secret experiments underwritten by the CIA. These
projects involved LSD, ESP, black magic, astrology, psychological
warfare, media manipulation, and other subjects. Apparently, Bender's
work with children and LSD raised some concerns at the CIA's Technical
Services Division (TSD). A 1961 TSD memo written to Monroe questioned
the "operational benefits of Dr. Bender's work as related to children
and LSD," and requested to be kept "closely appraised of the possible
links between Dr. Bender's project and those being conducted under
separate MK/ULTRA funding at designated prisons in New York and

In 1960, Dr. Bender launched her first experiments with LSD and
children. They were conducted within the Children's Unit, Creedmoor
State Hospital in Queens, New York. The LSD she used was supplied by
Dr. Rudolph P. Bircher of the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company. (Dr.
Bircher also provided Bender with UML-491, also a Sandoz-produced
product, very much like LSD but sometimes "dreamier" in effect and
longer lasting.) Her initial group of young subjects consisted of 14
children diagnosed schizophrenic, all under the age of 11.....

Two held, racket in human trafficking busted
TNN, Aug 11, 2010 LUCKNOW: The crime branch of the Lucknow police
claimed to have busted a racket in human trafficking in the state
capital on Monday night and arrested two of its kingpin. Operating
through a wide network of agents spread across the country and
neighbouring Nepal, the gang reportedly lured over 200 poor girls and
boys and sold them in West Asian countries.
These boys and girls have been sent to almost all the West Asian
countries -- Riyadh in Saudi Arabia being the favoured destination.

USA Swimming Hit With Another Sexual Abuse Lawsuit
Former Olympic Hopeful Swimmer Says California Coach Began Molesting
Her at Age 15 By MEGAN CHUCHMACH August 11, 2010 In a sexual abuse
scandal that continues to escalate, a new lawsuit against USA Swimming
alleges the organization had knowledge of sexual misconduct by a
California swim coach and continued to allow him to coach children.

The suit was filed by Jancy Thompson, a former Olympic hopeful who
alleges that her former swim coach Norm Havercroft at West Valley swim
club in San Jose, CA began sexually molesting her when she was 15-
years-old. Also named as defendants are Havercroft, West Valley, and
Pacific Swimming, the regional swim organization under USA
Today's lawsuit is the fifth facing USA Swimming in alleged sexual
misconduct cases. Allard is also representing another plaintiff in a
separate lawsuit against USA Swimming, a victim of former San Jose-
area swim coach Andy King, who was sentenced in January to 40 years in
prison for decades of abuse perpetrated against young swimmers.

Vatican pleased US plaintifs seek to dismiss case By ALESSANDRA RIZZO
(AP) 8/10/10
VATICAN CITY — The Vatican said Tuesday it was satisfied that three
men who had sought to hold the Vatican liable in an American court for
sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests have decided to abandon the
case. The Kentucky case was being closely watched as the clerical
abuse scandal swirls around the Holy See. Lawsuits naming top Vatican
officials were also filed recently in U.S. courts in Wisconsin and
Oregon....The three plaintiffs filed a motion on Monday asking a
federal judge in Louisville, Kentucky, to dismiss their claims.

Their attorney, William McMurry, said he was seeking to end the case
because of an earlier court ruling that recognized the Vatican's
immunity and the failure to turn up new plaintiffs to add to the
lawsuit who haven't yet been involved in a Catholic clergy abuse case.
The judge must still rule on whether the case can be dismissed, but
attorneys on both sides say it has virtually ended. The lawsuit had
been filed in 2004 by the three men abused by priests in the
Louisville diocese. It was considered the first in the U.S. to make it
to the stage of determining whether victims had a negligence claim
against the Vatican. The lawsuit argued in part that U.S. bishops
should be considered employees or officials of the Holy See. The
Vatican has argued that its U.S. bishops act independently, control
their own budgets and are not employees of the Holy See.

Vatican child abuse cases falling apart in U.S.: Lawyers AFP August
10, 2010