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> >>> What makes one group who calls themselves "Christian" more "Christian"
> >>> than another group?
> >> Caring
> > Hey, Mark, thanks for the link. Bible studies can be a challenge when
> > the brain won't slow down enough. I've found that I can focus better
> > in our adult Sunday school class if I'm spinning with my drop
> > spindle. It keeps my hands busy enough that I can focus on the
> > discussion without worrying about something to fiddle with. I'll have
> > to see if there's something in the Bible Studies link of that site
> > that would work for me.
> Glad to help. How are the kids and the kids? ;)

It's a bit of the BP's vs the ADDers atm. :-(

There are two claddaghs sitting side-by-side on my monitor stand,
instead of on the hands they should be on.

> Watch your email for a link to some pics of our trip. We are still
> sorting out 900 digital pictures, enhancing and cropping.

I'll look for it.


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>>"Peter Bowditch" <myfirstname(a)> wrote :
>>> "Jan Drew" <jdrew1374(a)> wrote:
>>> <snip unsubstantiated defamation>

Repeated lie.
>>> --
>>> Peter Bowditch
>>Typical liar.
> <snip unsubstantiated defamation>

Repeated lie.
> --
> Peter Bowditch

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"Jan Drew" <jdrew1374(a)> wrote:

>"Peter Bowditch" <myfirstname(a)> wrote in message
>> "jandew6" <jandrew6(a)> wrote:
>>>"Peter Bowditch" <myfirstname(a)> wrote :
>>>> "Jan Drew" <jdrew1374(a)> wrote:
>>>> <snip unsubstantiated defamation>
>Repeated lie.

I stand corrected. What I snipped was not simply "unsubstantiated
defamation", it was also a repeated lie. Thank you for pointing this
out, Jan, and I hope that the next time that someone repeats the lie
you will criticise them directly rather than waiting for me to do it
and then agreeing with me.

>>>> --
>>>> Peter Bowditch
>>>Typical liar.
>> <snip unsubstantiated defamation>
>Repeated lie.

Thanks again for the support, Jan. People should not be able to repeat

>> --
>> Peter Bowditch
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