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>>Insulin, which helps the body metabolize sugar, is made in the pancreas.
>>Source: Reuters
> rather silly reporting, many fruit juices on the market contain just as
> much sweetener.

Soda uses high fructose corn syrup (simple sugars) while fruit contain
complex sugars that take awhile to infuse into the body. It is a known
fact that the quick spike from high fructose corn syrup (and finally
milled white flower) spikes the blood sugar to the point that the body
can't handle it immediately. (either used as energy or turned to fat) It
floats around your blood system looking for a home. It's also hard on the
pancreas leading to diabetes.

Where does that sugar go in your body if the insulin can't manage it? It
feeds cancer cells! If your immune system is unable to handle the now
energetic cancer cells, the cancer cells are promoted into more
unmanageable tumors.

High fructose corn syrup is banned in allot of countries but since the
lobbyist have allot of money and power in the USA government, there is no
ban. In fact, there are advertisements on TV here in the USA promoting it
to the stupid.