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Study: Probiotics Curb Anxiety
April 7, 2009

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TORONTO—New research from Canada found taking a daily supplement of
probiotics reduced anxiety symptoms for chronic fatigue sufferers. In
the pilot study (Gut Pathog. 2009;1(1):6), 39 chronic fatigue patients
were randomized to receive either the probiotic Lactobacillus casei
Shirota or a placebo daily for two months. Results showed a
significant decrease in anxiety symptoms among those taking the
probiotic versus the placebo (P=0.01). They found 73 percent of
subjects taking the probiotic experienced increased levels of
Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria in the gut, which corresponded with a
significant decrease in anxiety symptoms. In the placebo group, only
37.5 percent showed an increase in Bifidobacteria, while only 43.8 per
cent showed an increase in Lactobacillus bacteria. The researchers
found no statistically significant change in anxiety symptoms among
this group. Researchers noted, “These results lend further support to
the presence of a gut-brain interface, one that may be mediated by
microbes that reside or pass through the intestinal tract.”

Many chronic fatigue syndrome patients suffer from anxiety and reduce
intestinal microbial flora in the gut as well as fatigue, depression
and insomnia.