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Secret Boy Scout files document flawed history of child-protection in
By The Oregonian May 22, 2010 By LES ZAITZ and NICOLE DUNGCA
When a parent heard that William E. Tobiassen, a longtime Scout leader
in Corvallis, was sexually abusing one of his troop members, she
alerted Scout officials.
Nothing changed. For two more years, Tobiassen, an insurance agent
with sons of his own, abused the boy. The abuse was exposed only when
the teenager told a counselor and then police what had happened. Even
then, internal memos show, the Scouts executive overseeing Tobiassen
didn't want to ban him from Scouting until there were formal charges.

The episode from 1984 wasn't the only instance when Oregon Scout
leaders failed to act on trouble in their ranks. Secret files obtained
by The Oregonian from 1971 to 1991 contain no record that Scout
leaders alerted authorities to adults suspected of child abuse in at
least 11 instances in Oregon....A Portland jury recently concluded
In that case, jurors considered 1,000 confidential Scout files from
1965 to 1985 to judge the Scouts' liability. Only once before in the
country has a jury seen such files, but never before in the volume or
unrestricted form provided Portland jurors. The jury subsequently
awarded Kerry Lewis $18.5 million to punish the Scouts for abuse he
suffered at the hands of a Scout leader. But the award also was meant
to jolt the Scouts.

"We were trying to send a message," said Margaret Ormsbee, one of the
jurors. "It seemed to most of us they were putting their PR and
reputation above children's safety."

Cries From the Past: Torture's Ugly Echoes Sunday 23 May 2010
by: H.P. Albarelli Jr. and Jeffrey Kaye, t r u t h o u t | Report
Information on CIA programs

describes graphic crimes

Satanic cult teens 'sacrificed' victims then ate them
Seven young members of a satanic sect have gone on trial in Russia
accused of four gruesome murders in which they "ritually sacrificed"
their victims before cooking and eating parts of them. Andrew Osborn
in Moscow 24 May 2010 Prosecutors say the murders took place on 29 and
30 June 2008 in a remote forested area close to Yaroslavl with two
victims killed per night. The self-styled devil worshippers, which
included a young teenage girl, lured three girls and a boy aged from
15 to 17 to the spot by plying them with alcohol and inviting them to
sit round a bonfire.