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Scientific Link To Autism Identified

19 Nov 2009

During its research into the application of neuroscience in business,
a New
Jersey based think tank, The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes�,
LLC (The
Center) made an inadvertent and amazing discovery.

The Center examined the neuroscientific dynamics of logic and emotion
decision making while researching neuroscience in business. They
unique corollary relationships between various brain chemicals
(neurohormones, neurotransmitters, etc.). This apparent pattern led to
a new
path of research for the team outside of business. By looking at
scientific literature they discovered a cascade of hormones that
from the brain (hypothalamus). This same pattern of correlations was
apparent throughout the cascade. The group added a research biologist
started to test the pattern on genes (proteins). It remained
consistent. The
Center then called upon advisors from chemistry and physics to see if
pattern would apply in physical sciences.

To the amazement of the group, it became apparent that this pattern
corollary relationships could be applied to scientific processes for
maintaining equilibrium (homeostatic relationships) throughout all of
science; from subatomic particles to chemistry as well as between

While the entire scientific community knows that homeostasis exists,
tacit knowledge has not been converted into a step-by-step,
model. The Center identified precisely such an explicit process.

Challenged by several of The Center's advisors, members of the team
to test the efficacy of the model to determine if the disruptions that
autism could be identified.

After careful review of countless scientific studies, meeting with
renowned scientists to discuss their findings, and then applying the
modeling process to numerous hypotheses, The Center's Life Sciences
was able to formulate a scientifically verifiable model for the
probable causal path of autism. Through the application of their
model, it
became apparent that autism is an outcome of several variables that,
the homeostatic relationship of each one is disrupted, a "perfect
scenario results in autism. The application of the model identified
of the variables that account for why boys have a 4 to 1 ratio of
over girls as well as why not every boy is affected.

While the scientific community will have to validate The Center's
the model for assessing homeostatic relationships indicates the
behind autism is an imbalance between a pair of amino acid
neurotransmitters; glutamate and glycine.

According to The Center's founder, William McFaul, a retired business
and not a member of the scientific community, "Because of its
applicability, our Life Sciences group has already used the model as a
to identify highly probable causal paths for several illnesses and
entities. Autism was one of most difficult illnesses The Center had
attempted to analyze.

If it hadn't been for so many parents insisting that vaccines were
responsible for the condition, we might never have found the fact that
stabilizer in MMR and a few other vaccines is hydrolyzed gelatin; a
substance that is approximately 21% glycine.

It appears that, based on readily verifiable science, the use of that
of glycine triggers an imbalance between the amino acid
responsible for the absorption rate of certain classes of cells
the body.

It is that wide-spread disruption that apparently results in the
problems that encompass the mind and the body characterized in
'classic' autism."

He also added, "The use of our model indicates each of the disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is attributable to different
disruptions in
homeostasis. We look forward to sharing our findings relative to each
disorder with the scientific community."

According to Linda Oliver-Perrier, The Center's spokesperson for their
Sciences group, "The details of the disruptive process are somewhat
and not conducive for explanation in a press release.

McFaul added, "The Center is seeking to affiliate with academic
centers to
provide its model for homeostasis to the scientific community for use
as a
tool to enable researchers to identify root causes of illnesses and
entities. The Center is a think tank that creates models. We are not
operating company with the resources to educate individuals or
on the application of the models we create.

Source: The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes LLC
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