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St. Agnes says,
"God, I cannot see You, but I know that
Something inside of me tells me I love You.
I also know that You created me and when
You did, it was through Your Love for me."

ON AUGUST 29,1995 AT 10:00 A.M.


" It is important for mankind to learn from this
Miracle of Divine Love that human life has a great
purpose, a Great Goal, and it was designed in a special
way, in many ways, able to do many things mentally,
physically, artistically, to make human life more
interesting. Also, mankind must understand that this
Design of The Father's, in its purpose, is totally above
all other living matter or things.

With all that The Father has endowed mankind
with, mankind has within himself or herself a precious
gift in vocations of life. One human being can have
more talents, more advantages, more opportunities, more
zeal, but when it comes to looking at human life, there
is no human being born who is not Gifted with a Soul.
In the Design of mankind The Father thought of so many
ways, things, that would give mankind energy,
intelligence and abilities, that no other living thing had.

The Father is All Things, mankind must remember
this, and in His Love for mankind He instilled a Portion
of Himself. Some men would say, 'Why did He do
this to only one Creation of His?' The answer is
simple. The earth is made up of many things. None
of these things are to the Image and Likeness of God.
This special Creation of God's, He made to be able to
recreate other human beings. What a blessing this was.
It was given in a Love beyond human understanding,
and then within this life He instilled abilities to learn
through the mind that could create activities, action, hope,
love. Mankind was designed in such a special way for
a Greater Purpose than any other creation.

This Miracle is a constant Instruction for mankind
to better understand what a Valuable Blessing it is to
be a human being. This Miracle that has been given
to the world is an Ultimate Form of Instruction beyond
any other time in the history of man.

Children must be taught that they have choices,
and in these choices they must choose what is right,
what is good, what is moral, what would please God.
Many children are not being instructed on the importance
of loving God, pleasing God.

So many prayers have been designed by man. They
do not all fit a small child's ability to understand. I
will give you a prayer for little ones, and I would like
this prayer to be spread where little ones are because,
you see, in their innocence they will appreciate this
prayer, understand this prayer, and say it when they

God, I cannot see You, but I know that
Something inside of me tells me I love You.
I also know that You created me and when
You did, it was through Your Love for me.

God, help me to be so good, that one day
when I return to You, You will be so happy
to see me, because I did everything I could
to please You, by being good. So be it."

Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
All Revelations are delivered spontaneously
and continuously as witnessed by all those
present at the time.
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