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Ronald Steven Federici has often been described as “a leading expert
in the neuropsychological evaluation and treatment of children having
multi-sensory neurodevelopmental impairments.”

He is best described as a “developmental neuropsychologist,”
specializing in the treatment of “institutional autism” (which he also
calls “post-traumatic autism,” or “post-institutional autistic

Dr. Federici is licensed by the Virginia Board, and is the holder of a
Psy. D. degree.

Dr. Ronald Federici is the author of “Help for the Hopeless Child: A
Guide for Families, With Special Discussion for Assessing and Treating
the Post-Institutionalized Child” and is the founder of
Neuropsychological and Family Practice Associates, in Clifton,

He has worked with adopted children from Russia, Romania, Ukraine and
Belarus. He is also the father to seven adopted children of his own.

Federici is also an outspoken opponent of dangerous practices, such as
those resulting in the death of Candace Newmaker. In addition, he has
also sought to provide as much assistance as possible to children
living in orphanages and other institutions with deplorable

More information about Dr. Federici and his work can be found at: (Ronald Federici blog) (Ron Federici blog) (Children in Therapy) (Advocates for
Children in Therapy) (Angelina Jolie’s
adoptions; Dr. Federici is Angelina Jolie’s adoption consultant)
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