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My name is Richard and I have been teaching group Reiki classes in
several states since 1999. I have personally attuned over one thousand
different students during that time.

A couple of years ago we began to offer home study courses that
include personal contact between teacher and student via email and/or
phone. I am happy to say that through these courses I have met many
other students who were unable to attend a group class. This method of
presenting training and attunements has allowed many others to enjoy
the wonders of Reiki. In fact many of these students are now Reiki
Masters and are teaching Reiki to others.

Reiki is an energy healing modality and this energy may be experienced
in person or at a distance. This is a very simple fact.

Our Reiki home study courses offer value and convenience. I promise
you that with your commitment these courses will able you to enjoy
Reiki just like the in person classes.

These low cost Reiki home study courses are available for all levels
and include course material, attunement, and certification. Total cost
for Reiki 1 is only $49. Please visit website for more info.