From: AntiAdvocate on
Record Searchlight staff - 11/5/09
Chris Solberg, director of Loaves and Fishes, confirmed Today that he
spoke with Munday, but said that he alone made the decision to
politely turn down the offer after praying.

“The Lord impressed on me to tell him thanks, but no thanks,” he said,
adding that he does not regret that decision. “I feel good about the
decision. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Still, he noted, that food and monetary donations are very much needed
due to the poor economy.

Solberg said he was at first unaware of the nature of Munday’s
businesses. He said he finally realized once he got off the phone with
him that they were medical marijuana shops. He said that he does not
support them and their proliferation.

“They are all over,” Solberg said, calling them a “pestilence” and
“travesty” in the community.

Solberg said he believed the food offer was made because the marijuana
collective was “trying to validate themselves.”

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