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State Delivers Funding Application

10:24 PM EDT, June 1, 2010


A state Department of Education employee on Monday hand-delivered the
state's nearly 1,300-page application for the second round of funding
in the federal Race to the Top competition.

The state is hoping for a better chance at winning $175 million in the
school reform competition, now that it has lined up more support from
school boards and teachers' unions and has passed major school reform
legislation that addresses teacher evaluations, charter schools and
other key issues.

"It's a much stronger application," State Department of Education
spokesman Tom Murphy said.

In the end, 163 school districts, charter schools and consolidated
school districts sent letters of support, considerably more than the
126 that did so in the first round. At the same time, 131 teachers'
unions signed on, more than double the 60 that did so previously.

Connecticut ranked 25th out of 41 applicants in the first round of the
competition, which ultimately awarded only two winners, Tennessee and
Delaware. Connecticut expects a decision on this round by September.

—Grace E. Merritt

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