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>> So, scum calles me names? And I'm supposed to be hurt?

Such a poor hack job that the attributions as all screwed up, brilliant,
donkey breath.

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>snipped bandwidth waster by one infected with parrotosis.

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>>>>>>>> Copyrighted material deleted.
>>>>>>>> So what? What percentage of the mercury in a woman's body comes
>>>>>>>> from vaccines? 0.1% or so? What about the mercury in fish, in
>>>>>>>> the air from coal-burning power plants, etc.? Wouldn't you be
>>>>>>>> fore effective if you lobbied against these rather than
>>>>>>>> life-saving vaccines?
>>>>>>> Putz.
>>>>>> Take that as a compliment Dr. Jeff, he says he knowingly lies
>>>>>> alot. :)
>>>>> Um, Petey, do you know what a "Putz" is?
>>>> Yes, but as a liar your word never means what it says. Get it?
>>> So, scum calles me names? And I'm supposed to be hurt?
>> WOW, a PKB? I think so!
>> You called someone a putz, then "scum "calles" me names" All because
>> I said you were a liar? Talk about hypersensitivity, you were the one
>> who was all proud about doing that a few posts ago. Can you say major
>> hypocrite? I think SO!
>> Are you hurt? Obviously. Why? shrugs, who knows? You seemed to rather
>> enjoy reveling in your hatred and disgust for those that have more
>> than you, especially when it comes to integrity in spite of being a
>> self proclaimed liar and proud of it.
>> Get out of the gutter and your shoes won't be covered with feces all
>> the time.
> I must have walked where you had passed.

So embarrassed you reverted on your nym? lol

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> > >Meaning you can't cite a single source of published science to
> > >back up your bogus claims about vaccine effectiveness or
> > >safety.
> > Would PubMed do as a single source?
> Pubmed is not a source, it's a resource.  You should cite particular
> studies within that resource on which your opinions are based.
> >
> > Search for "vaccine safety"
> > Results: 1 to 20 of 7879
> As has been explained to you many times, a keyword search result does
> not mean the study is favorable to your position, it just means that
> your word string is found somewhere in the text.  In this case, you
> didn't even perform your query on the term "vaccine safety," so your
> result included articles where those two words show up in any order or
> even paragraphs apart.  Using your method, I can prove the hazards of
> vaccine by merely doing a search on "vaccine risk" and producing well
> over 16,000 results.  I know you won't answer honestly, but do you
> accept this much larger search result is proof of the hazards of
> vaccines -- Yes or No?


> > Search for "vaccine efficacy"
> > Results: 1 to 20 of 14143
> See above.

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The sound of a Dodo bird.