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paraphimosis of uncircumcised men threatens entire glans!!
One of the many benefits of circumcision is that circumcised boys and men never need to worry about paraphimosis, the situation in which the retracted foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis and strangles the latter, depriving it of blood and and oxygen. If the situation is not corrected (which often mea... 25 Jul 2007 20:37
Have you been slandered on the Internet?
On 08 Jul 2007, "Tom Potter" <tdp1001(a)> posted some news:4690df6b$0$16274$88260bb3(a) I didn't think that Japanese were so rude and stupid as to hang out in a newsgroup like alt.kook, and to be buddies with sociopaths like Art Deco and Bob Officer. The operative ... 8 Jul 2007 17:22
20 weeks ultrasound didn't find a stomach bubble
I had a 20 weeks ultrasound done and the tech didn't find a bubble in baby's stomach, she has written maybe due to technical reasons. So I have another one scheduled at 23rd week, doctor says not to worry till the next ultrasound. Has anybody had this experience before and were they able to find the stomach bubb... 12 Jul 2007 18:49
Hi A couple of day's back,fifteen year old boy who is no way qualified performed Ceaserian.Incidentally his parents claim to be professionally qualified Doctors.This has created a lot of contrvertial coverage in the media.The incident took place in a town in one of the Southern Districts of India.The father has ta... 21 Jun 2007 12:36
35 weeks water leaking and breech
I have had a very hard time with this pregnancy. 35 weeks ago my water is leaking and now today I found out it is breech and i maybe looking at a c section. I am scared. ... 9 Jun 2007 22:04
I'm bored
I woke this morning at about 6am with definite contractions about 3-5 minutes apart. Having got both children sorted and the tens machine on they've now pretty much faded. Dh has gone off to do his exam he had set for today so I'm just wandering around wondering whether I was a bit premature in sorting everythi... 8 Jun 2007 04:44
Cut off point for epidural
What is the cut off point for an epidural? I seem to be getting conflicting answers. Some say 6cm, others say 7, some 8. Does the anethesiologist make that decision? Also, on average how long is transistion labor? How much worse is it than active? ... 17 May 2007 23:14
Feeling a bit silly but...
can contractions feel like bad stomach ache? Basically yesterday I woke up fine, but then mid-morning started getting mild stomach ache, which just felt like normal "something not quite right" stomach ache. After about an hour I noticed it was coming in waves spaced about 3 minutes with a definite peak. Took g... 8 May 2007 08:07
In Minnesota: Chicken soup instead of vaccinations
Attn: WCCO-TV Police Officer/Crime Reporter Caroline Lowe (cplowe(a) Please see the end of this post. CHICKEN SOUP INSTEAD OF VACCINATIONS Kate Terry, Pagosa Springs SUN columnist (recently passed?) wrote: "[W]hen a certain Minnesota health clinic didn't have flu shots to give out, they alterna... 11 Apr 2007 00:11
Fundal Height 31 cm at 37 weeks
Hi There, I just posted about an u/s measurement and now I just came back from my midwife appointment. My midwife said that she is very pleased with my measurements...even though I measured 31 cm at 37 weeks! She said because my stomach circumference has grown there is nothing to worry about! She said its al... 11 Mar 2007 16:31
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