From: Greegor on
DJS3 > You're on the Iowa State Child Abuse Registry, right, grag?

G > Post a LINK to the registry!

DJS3 > Just post a scan of the paperwork you
DJS3 > received from the Iowa authorities
DJS3 > informing you that you've been founded
DJS3 > for child maltreatment, grag.

G > You first, Dan!

DJS3 > I didn't ask for a link to the Iowa State Child Abuse Registry,

Of course not!

G > All 20+ investigations of you and 5 FOUNDEDS
G > including the one that was for Child Sexual Abuse, Dan!

DJS3 > And they all were unfounded so I don't
DJS3 > need a link to any Child Abuse Registry.

You don't need any proof because everybody
should TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT, right Dan?