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Patients and Victims of Medical Malpractice See Huge Delays in Medical
Records Processing

One of the greatest organizational problems facing hospitals today is
the battle over medical records. Many patients find that it can take
months or years to get a hold of their own medical records after
treatment. Even worse, some families of victims of medical malpractice
or wrongful death have waited for years to obtain their loved one’s
medical records from hospitals. Often, lost or missing records are
simply part of hospital error and not a deliberate attempt to delay,
but on some occasions hospitals may frustrate a patient’s records
request purposefully. Patients and victims’ families must be aware
that statutes of limitation often require that medical malpractice
lawsuits be filed within a certain period of time after the injury
occurs or is discovered. This means that patients and victims’
families must decide to file a medical malpractice lawsuit and contact
their medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible and begin the
medical records request process.

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