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A Parents Guide to Children's Behaviour, online course.
If you are presently concerned about your child's behaviour or your
child has severe behavioural difficulties that are negatively
impacting your life, your family's life and your child's life then you
really owe it to yourself to consider this unprecedented opportunity.
I have a limited number of openings for the latest 'Parents Guide to
Child Behaviour' online course.
I am providing a course that has a better than 95% chance of not just
immediately improving your child's behaviour but will help you to make
those improvements permanent.
Why am I making this offer?
My long term objective is to use this new course to help as many
parents and children as possible. In order to do this, I must have
documentation and verifiable results regarding the high success rate
of this new course. Prior to offering it world-wide, I need to prove
my success rate and with your help I will be able to do this.
Is this going to harm your children or have a negative impact on them?
No, not in the least, in fact quite the opposite. Because your
children will have the fantastic opportunity that most children don't
have in that their parents will gain access to the latest proven
parenting strategies and have the one-on-one expert support that most
parents only dream of.
There are no harmful experimental processes involved, you will never
have to raise your voice, get physical or harm your child in any way.
What do you have to do to end your child's behaviour problems?
First of all you can ring me for a free 15 minute consultation so that
we can discuss details and assess how the course can help you. When
you are signed up for the course you will fill out an assessment form
and a behaviour diary that I will provide for you. Then you will start
with a private one to one phone call from me so that we can work
together in order to meet your own specific needs and requirements.
Next you will work through the 4 week online course sent out for you
in four workbooks once a week. Each week you will learn specific
details regarding your child's behaviour that you will be able to work
on throughout the week. You will receive a weekly workbook that has
examples and guidelines for you to work on each week. Plus, and most
importantly, you will be able to have daily email access to me so that
I can support you along the way.
By the end of those 4 weeks you will have made a detailed plan of
action that is tailor made to your child's needs, age and stage of
development. You will know exactly what to do if your child
misbehaves, you will know the common things that parents do that make
their children's behaviour worse and all the things that you can do to
encourage the sorts of behaviour that you want from your child. The
guess work will be taken away leaving you confident that you can
handle the different problems you will face as your child grows up.
You will never have to leave the comfort of your own home to do the
course and I never need me to come to your house to see your children,
because this course is all about giving you the knowledge and support
to do what it takes to turn your child's behaviour round and end the
stress that it causes in your home.
A quick overview.
You as the parent have the most influence on your child's behaviour.
Each child has a different background, culture and environment which
do affect their behaviour, however as their parent it is you that
really shapes and influences their behaviour.
This is good news, because it means that you have the power to change
your child's behaviour as it all starts with you!
Your child's behaviour is directly affected by the things that you say
and do to them, or by what you don't say or do to them. This means
that if you change your behaviour you will be able to change your
child's behaviour.
Unfortunately when children misbehave we may just try a few things
that people have told you will work, which can really just be masking
the real problem.
This is why during this course you will experience a process that
actually addresses the true cause of your child's bad behaviour and
individual difficulties to cover everything you need to know to help
you to get from where you are to where you want to be with your child.
The improvements in your child's behaviour will not just be for a few
days, but you will experience major long lasting results that will
help put your child on track to become happy confident successful
adults. Isn't that what you want for your child?
For those who participate;
For those who elect to participate and provide me with verifiable
results regarding their children's behaviour, I will include
everything from the initial assessment and analysis, all I ask from
you is that you cover the administration and other remaining costs and
So what will you get?
• Initial free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss whether the
course is suitable for you (worth £25)
• A profile of your child's behaviour
(worth £50)
• Daily email support for 4 weeks from
(worth £350)
• A copy of ‘A Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour’ e-
book (worth £12.97)
• 4 weekly workbooks to accompany 'A Parents Guide to Children's
Behaviour' sent to you via email (worth £60)
• In total you will receive support and guidance worth
You will pay special offer price
of £197.00
I will provide you with very specific detailed guidelines to help you
and your family to have a better quality of life so that you can end
your child's bad behaviour and help them to grow up happy, peaceful
and fulfilled.
-----A Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour course will potentially
banish unwanted behaviour in your child and the anxiety and stress
that it causes
-----Only a handful of individuals will be able to take part in the
course at any one time.
-----You will learn about your behaviour traits that you can change
and improve so that you get the results that you want for your family
-----You will have access to methods that are proven to work and bring
out the best in your children
I am not making this available to the general public as I only want to
make this offer to parents who want to obtain results and are willing
to take the action required to make the changes that they want to see
and are truly interested in improving their children's behaviour.
If you have friends, relatives or work associates who you can
personally vouch for, I would be willing to extend this offer to them
as well
However I can only offer this course to a set amount of participants
so when the places are filled that is it and I am not able to promise
to make it such a special offer again.
It does matter who you talk to;
I have 30 years experience of working with children and families, I
have a BSc (honours) degree in Psychology and I am registered with the
British Psychological Society. The methods used in this course are
those used by professionals who have time and again seen the positive
results of using the techniques. So remember it does matter who you
are talking to, so talk to someone who can really help you.
Next Step
If you are interested in finding out more, or if you want to register
for the programme, please email me immediately at
childbehaviour(a) and I will get back to you as soon as possible
to arrange your free consultation or and answer any of your
questions. Alternatively please call me on 07929 047110 UK line
Yours sincerely Ruth Edensor