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....the deceitful words of Mark S. Probert, disbarred by the New York
Supreme Court in November, 1992.

On Jan 12, 7:02 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:
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> No, that is not accurate. Far from it. I asked you to leave me alone.
> You chose war.
> Sadly, you do not know the difference between making peace and making
> war. I do. I am very good at both.
> You have attacked me, and others, stating that we are mentally ill.
> Not even close. Your obsessive postings of links, the continuous
> gratuitous attacks, etc. demonstrate just how ill you are.
> I will not post to you, or about you in the future, except to ask
> everyone to leave you alone until you get help. Being ostracized is
> not pleasant, but, that is the best way to handle youj.