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On Jan 13, 2:01 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:
> > On Jan 12, 6:53 pm, pautrey2 <rpautr...(a)> wrote:
> ****************************> I will not post to you, or about you in the future, except to ask
> > everyone to leave you alone until you get help. Being ostracized is
> > not pleasant, but, that is the best way to handle you.
> ******************************

In other words your 'pscho-allopathy death cult' has
lost the 'info war' & your side surrenders.

1.To exclude someone from society or from a community, by not
communicating with or even noticing them, similar to shunning.
Suburbanites infamously ostracize those outside of their social and
neighborhood circles. They ostracize the divorced and the poor, and
they are often mean-spirited gossips. They are infamous for slutting
up teenage daughters with immodest clothing and the acceptance of
trashy role models, and they are infamous for cheerleader training,
which includes the lessons of social ostracism. Many suburbanites
belong to community-based country clubs, which, via consensus, define
further ostracism rules.