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One in eight youths in US prisons sexually abused

Fri, 08 Jan 2010 23:19:11 GMT

Around one in every eight youths in US prisons, with some as young as
12, has been sexually abused by another inmate or jail staff, a survey

Eighty percent of abuse cases involved a member of the prison staff,
and in nearly all those cases, the alleged offenders were women — even
though less than half the staffs in US juvenile prisons are women —
said the first National Survey of Youth in Custody report, which was
published Thursday.

In more than a third of cases where a member of prison staff abused a
youngster, force was used or the detainee was threatened, the survey
showed, AFP reported.

Boys, who make up the majority of young prison inmates in the United
States, were more likely than girls to report unwanted sexual activity
with a member of prison staff. Some 10.8 percent of the boys surveyed
said they had been sexually abused by prison staff compared with less
than five percent of girls.

Nearly 9,200 young inmates in 195 large state or privately-owned
prisons were interviewed for the survey between June 2008 and April
last year.

The youngest of the inmates was 12, the oldest 24, and only a third of
the young convicts were older than 18, a statistician at the
Department of Justice told AFP.