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Found this here:

>>I am not wild-eyed men's rights activist, but I do take young teen males I know well aside at about 16 and tell them the way it is, and caution them to be really, really careful.

That's cool, Spartee.

I am not a wild-eyed MRA either. In fact, I'm a liberal feminist broad
- and we cautioned our teenage sons long and loud about 18 years of
garnished wages as the potential payback for making a poor choice one
giddy night.

In fact, our youngest son once got indignant - and said if he DID make
such a mistake, he'd pay up willingly, because he'd never let a child
of his suffer.

And we had to point out - but what if you THEN met the girl of your
dreams who wanted kids with you? You'd be in no position to help
support the family you wanted.

And our sweet son said: "Oh, I hadn't thought of that!"

(God, teenage males!)