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On Jul 5, 9:18 am, "Welches" <debbie.welc...(a)>

> LOL. Dh did most of the bedtime reading to my girls. Does that mean that
> they think reading is a boy hobby?
> Debbie


Testing things in reverse very often does NOT get reverse results. One
theory of booksellers and publishers - likely exaggerated, but not yet
debunked - is that girls are willing to read books about boys without
adults' pushing them to do so, but boys won't read books about girls -
or books BY women. (Of course, maybe boys don't mind their parents
reading such books aloud to them; they just don't want other boys to
catch them reading such books on their own.) This is also the theory
behind the marketing practice of many female writers' hiding their
gender, initially, such as J.K. Rowling, even though Harry is male.
Similarly, when Charlotte Bronte wrote "Jane Eyre," she did so under
the name "Currer Bell."

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On Jul 15, 9:18 am, enigma <eni...(a)> wrote:

>  perhaps boys that are being reared in sexist households where they
> are pushed to excell in sports rather than intellectual pursuits
> might dislike books with girls, or written by women, but that's a
> different kettle of fish.

Or, just maybe, boys who DON'T read for fun but ARE pushed to excel
primarily in reading and academics resent having to live up to what
they assume are female expectations only, since many of them have few
or no men in their lives - and maybe the mothers don't care much about
sports or other traditions that just might help them feel more well-
rounded - i.e., more like men?

(Another example might be boys who DO have fathers living with them,
but whose mothers are the only ones who get openly annoyed with them
for their rotten table manners - or for forgetting to write thank-you
notes, or other bad manners. Many a boy might conclude that only women
care about those things. Plus, as Jim Trelease was quoted as saying,
upthread, a father who is present but has little leisure time is not
always comfortable spending that time reading rather than playing
ball, since the mother is probably already reading to the boy.)