From: Greegor on
G > Your fictional OWI on me has no CASE NUMBER.
G > How do you explain that, Kent?

KBW > Re: Gregory Scott "Piggly Wiggly" Hanson sexually
KBW > assaulted [...] when she was six or seven years of age.

G > Are you trying to post the name of a minor child, Kent?
G > Given your history? Tsk Tsk. Dan Sullivan must be proud of you!
G > And you claimed that your wife is an officer of the court?
G > You're getting desperate, dude!

DJS3 > Are you admitting [...] is the name
DJS3 > of the little girl you maltreated, grag?

G > Kent claims that I sexually assaulted
G > that person when she was 6 or 7 years old.
G > How old would that person be now, Dan?

DJS3 > Re: Are you admitting [...] was the name
DJS3 > of the little girl you maltreated, grag?

G > No. I don't know anybody by that name.

DJS3 > So why do you keep deleting the name
DJS3 > of someone you don't know, grag?

G > Because Kent claimed the person was 6 or 7 years old.

DJS3 > And you know that to be true?

Coming from Kent Wills?
If Kent says that water is wet, test his assertion.

DJS3 > Too old for you to be still interested?

G > How old would that person be?
G > Kent claimed the person was 6 or 7 years old.
G > What YEAR was that?

DJS3 > So you molested [...] over a period of years?

G > Did you think that asking dishonest questions
G > (loaded) would get you the answers you want?

DJS3 > Only if you RUN AWAY to avoid answering the questions, grag.

You ask hostile, loaded questions and
I answer them, but you RUN like hell
when I ask you questions, so here are
some of them again.

When in the process of marriage and making BABIES
did you find out your ex-wife was BIPOLAR, Dan?

WHY did you make BABIES with a BIPOLAR woman?

Do you think normal men would marry a
BIPOLAR woman and make BABIES with her?

What lunatic asylum were you in when you
met your bipolar ex-wife, Dan?

You have talked up your 20+ Child Abuse
Investigations and your 5 FOUNDEDS, one
of which was for Child Sexual Abuse.
Didn't it ever occur to you that a guy who
married a BIPOLAR woman and made
BABIES with her might make people
suspicious just because of that alone?

Is your current wife, Susan a mental case, too?

Why were you in that place where
you met your ex-wife?

Wasn't that a blow to your EGO when
the bank foreclosed on your home?

With your huge EGO, how come you
didn't keep it paid up?

What happened to your nice cushy job, Dan?

How could that be when you claimed to

Couldn't your wife Susan's job make the payments?

You tried to blame it onto the collapse
of the SUB PRIME mortgage industry.

Then you tried to say it wasn't foreclosed.

Please assert again that you voluntarily
sold your house on Sept 17, 2009, at
the WORST possible time to sell a house.

You tried to justify this by saying the house
was worth more than the mortgage said!
If true, then you are a dumbass for thinking
it was smart to dump the house.

You are a strategic genius, in your mind.

I see that redeeming cans and bottles brings
in 5c a can in NY. Why didn't you try that?
Did your EGO get the best of you, Dan?