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>> >> Scopie's Law is not a logical fallacy, and nowhere did I use ad
>> >> hominem.
>> >care to explain that one
>> >This is ad hominem:
>> >"I mentioned to Marcia that these people are mad. I saw Dr Kalokerinos on
>> >stage once and he is the most insane person I have ever seen outside a
>> >mental hospital."
>> A comment on the evidence before me. Kalokerinos was behaving
>> as an insane person would behave, and mentioning this is not ad
>> hominem.
>Another dictionary-challenged moment by Peter Bowditch.
>Ad hominem: "Appealing to personal considerations rather than to fact
>or reason."

A person stands on a stage and announces that the World Health
Organization and the Save The Children Fund are engaging in a
deliberate policy of genocide by spreading AIDS in Africa through the
medium of measles vaccination.

There was no fact. There was no reason. The speaker is insane. QED.

>Let's see. You never use fact or reason and you always resort to
>derogatory characterizations as a way to win your so-called
>arguments. One day, "Bowditch" will be a proper noun meaning "Logic
>Train Wreck."

At least it will refer to some who is not too cowardly to tell people
his name.

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PS, outside your pharmaland reality, the Posse etc it is instructive to see
how absurd your reasoning is

the reality of non-think, and amazing that educated people could swallow
such obvious logical absurdities, but any historical look at religious
thinking would find similar examples