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>Natural births better for babies

What an obsession...


Wer wird der n�chste Bundespr�sident? - Volksabstimmung!
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>Natural births better for babies
>May 30, 2010

That we had already so many times.

Now to some really important news:

2nd Women Deliver Conference, Washington DC, June 7-9, 2010

"Delivering solutions for girls and women"

Geneva, 1 June 2010 � Over 3,000 participants will gather in Washington DC this
weekend for the 2nd �Women Deliver� conference to highlight the need to invest
in women to achieve the United Nation�s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The event, which builds on Women Deliver�s inaugural conference in 2007, will
take stock of progress toward MDG5�s main objective � reducing the maternal
mortality ratio by three-quarters and providing universal access to reproductive
health by 2015.

Given the inextricable link between MDG4 to reduce child mortality and maternal
mortality, GAVI�s Manager Director for Special Projects Carole Presern will sit
on the Conference�s health system strengthening (HSS) panel. The Alliance�s
financial support for HSS is designed to help health systems in low-income
countries better meet the needs of women and children.

Together with the World Bank and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and
Malaria, GAVI is a partner in the newly forged Health Systems Funding Platform
coordinated by WHO.

GAVI will also run an information booth at the DC conference, displaying
publications and films on GAVI�s work in protecting women's and children's

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Wer wird der n�chste Bundespr�sident? - Volksabstimmung!