From: Greegor on
KBW > Is memory loss a common side effect
KBW > of the illegal drugs you admit you
KBW > use and abuse (see sig for the
KBW > VERBATIM quote of your admission).

G > Kent lies and refers to a non existant
G > VERBATIM quote that supposedly supports his lie.

KBW > I note your post vanished from
KBW > google's public archive.
KBW > Amazing how that happened, huh?

G > How could a "VERBATIM quote" in your sig
G > be deleted by me in Google?

KBW > The quote came from one of YOUR posts.

When did it COME FROM there and why
is it missing if you quoted it VERBATIM?
And how would I have deleted an ARCHIVE of it?
Where was it supposedly ARCHIVED?
What happened to the VERBATIM copy you had?

So where is it?
Did I supposedly delete YOUR messages, too, Kent?

Did you forget that you claimed that you
had a VERBATIM quote of the thing in your
sig? If so, then how could I make it vanish?

G > This "VERBATIM quote" you claimed so many times?
G > Are you sure you know what a VERBATIM quote is, Kent?

KBW > Yes.

OK, So where is it, Kent?

G > But wait!  You claim it was deleted from the ARCHIVE!

KBW > Actually, Google's public archive.
KBW > Further, I point out it's still
KBW > available at other archives.
KBW > I note you've RUN from that comment.

G > That's even better!

KBW > If, as you are trying to imply,
KBW > I'm in some way libeling you,

When you make claims that you can't back up?

You are Kent Bradley Wills, two time felon
and garage burglar. You are a chronic liar.

> >> please take legal action. Do keep in mind that the truth is a great
> >> defense against a charge of libel. While your post is gone from
> >> Google's public archive, it's still available at other archives.
> >Please explain how users supposedly delete
> >things that are in an archive!
>      Please explain why you are being so dishonest, Greg.
>      People can "nuke" their own posts from Google's public archive..
> You did so with the post I quote where you ADMIT you use and abuse
> illegal drugs.
> >KBW > I know of three others that have it.
> >KBW > I presume there are more, but don't
> >KBW > KNOW this.
> >Nie mog? si? doczeka?!
>     Waldizki.
> >> >It's like the broken link to the real
> >> >estate information they hoped nobody
> >> >would actually check.
> >> That you're too stupid (unable to learn) to know how to make use
> >> of links in Google doesn't mean it was broken.
> >> That aside, I didn't post it. Your dishonest implication that I
> >> did is noted.
> >> >Kent BLUFFs like that a lot.
> >> You imply that I posted the link and then claim I am bluffing?
> >> Are you simply confused, or expressing more of your delusions?
> >> >G > which would fall under the FAIR USE
> >> >G > exception to copyright law.
> >> >KBW > If it where a news article, and you
> >> >KBW > [ had ] quoted the article without
> >> >KBW > source referenced, or you did
> >> >KBW > reference, but quoted IN FULL, you
> >> >KBW > would be in violation.
> >> >KBW > The FAIR USE exception makes this
> >> >KBW > vary clear.
> >> >Vary?
> >> I apologize. I meant very.
> >> More proof, if any were needed, that I shouldn't be allowed to
> >> proofread my own posts :)
> >Albo chodzi? za darmo!
>      Your grammar is very bad, Greg.  Whatever web site you're using
> to translate isn't doing a very good job.

Go get some sun, Kent.
You're looking rather albino lately.
From: Greegor on
Why did you claim that the "VERBATIM quote"
was in your sig, even though it wasn't actually
there when you posted your sig over and over?
From: Greegor on
G > Why did you claim that the "VERBATIM quote"
G > was in your sig, even though it wasn't actually
G > there when you posted your sig over and over?

KBW > So it's NOT in my sig, yet I post
KBW > it over and over IN my sig?
KBW > How do you rationalize your
KBW > conflicting claims, Greg?

What did it mean when you said that the
"VERBATIM quote" was in your sig, Kent?