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> Let's talk about diversity today and how offended I am by racism. For
> example I care a lot about how awful life is for black people in America. I
> spend a lot of time thinking about that and having private opinions on it.
> I pay attention to how much racism there is in America.
> Also I care a lot about "middle Americans" and want to liberate them from
> nasty stereotypes. I think it is a disgrace to America that the NRA is so
> disrespected.
> I am most proud of America because of the way we fought communism. America
> is the greatest nation on the planet. I am so proud of how hard I fought
> communism when I was in high school in the eighties, I even made a poster
> about it and then prayed about Russia in church.
> However I now have to admit that now that I have fought communism and am
> proud, I am embarrassed that the Russians seem so ungrateful. They won't
> even bother to learn enough English to thank me for freeing them!
> I have to admit I was disappointed when communism failed because of all of
> my hard work, I was privately kind of disappointed because I thought that
> getting rid of communism meant making eastern europeans more white and more
> like me. I never talk to those people anymore
> because I am embarrassed that they don't look like me, pray like me or think
> like me.
> In fact I don't think about Russia a whole lot at all anymore, however I am
> still proud that I fought communism alongside Ronald Reagan.

No problem with that, as the Communists collapsed almost two decades ago
(and during the uncertainty of who was trying to lead what would become the
former USSR), and that was a reason for my switching majors to Russian
studies. Now, if we can prevent their pre-1991 malady from infecting
DC...that's how this long-time libertarian sees it.

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