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Let's talk about diversity today and how offended I am by racism. For
example I care a lot about how awful life is for black people in America. I
spend a lot of time thinking about that and having private opinions on it.
I pay attention to how much racism there is in America.

Also I care a lot about "middle Americans" and want to liberate them from
nasty stereotypes. I think it is a disgrace to America that the NRA is so

I am most proud of America because of the way we fought communism. America
is the greatest nation on the planet. I am so proud of how hard I fought
communism when I was in high school in the eighties, I even made a poster
about it and then prayed about Russia in church.

However I now have to admit that now that I have fought communism and am
proud, I am embarrassed that the Russians seem so ungrateful. They won't
even bother to learn enough English to thank me for freeing them!

I have to admit I was disappointed when communism failed because of all of
my hard work, I was privately kind of disappointed because I thought that
getting rid of communism meant making eastern europeans more white and more
like me. I never talk to those people anymore
because I am embarrassed that they don't look like me, pray like me or think
like me.

In fact I don't think about Russia a whole lot at all anymore, however I am
still proud that I fought communism alongside Ronald Reagan.