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My boy's agonising death after virus vaccination

18.11.2009 -

With trembling hands, the distraught mother stroked the yellow bear which
belenged to Finlay - her beloved son. The little boy died two weeks ago at
the age of 21 months after having a vaccination against swine flu.

Doctors reported the case to the Paul Ehrlich Institute as a possible result
of a deadly reaction to the virus inoculation.

Mother Yvonne B. (34), a nurse for the elderly in Berlin, said: "Finlay was
born with a heart defect and damaged lungs. He had been operated on four
times. Now he was waiting in hospital for a new heart and a new lung.

"He was doing quite well. We went out with him everyday. He played in the
leaves and liked to watch birds."

Doctors told the parents that the tot should be inoculated, mirroring the
advice of the standing committee on vaccinations.

Mom-of-three Yvonne added: "They said the side effects would be no problem,
but that swine flu would be a real danger to our son. On top of that, a
patient in the room next door had been diagnosed with swine flu."

In the afternoon the boy was vaccinated. On the next day he was still
laughing and happily playing around in the leaves.

But in the night, his condition suddenly worsened. He vomited and fluid got
into his lung. The organ failed, and then so did his heart.

The devastated mother said: "We were called at night. Finlay fell asleep on
my husband's arm."

Immediately a horrific thought surfaced - was the H1N1 virus vaccination to
blame for the agonising tragedy?

"The assumption is simply an obvious one! At least that the vaccination
played some kind of role."

The parents consented to an autopsy of their son. "The Pathological
Institute told us yesterday they couldn't exclude a connection, but also
that there was nothing speaking for it compellingly.

"If I had the choice again, I would not let my son be vaccinated."

The investigation of the boy's death is still ongoing.

A week ago the parents carried their son to his grave. "He had an
unbelievable willingness to live. We never thought for a second that he
wouldn't make it," said his mother.
"The name Finlay means 'small blond hero'. We had so much hope that our
little hero would finally be able to start living."