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Rod Speed wrote:

> enough wrote:
>> U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission and
>> the Window Covering Safety Council Announce Voluntary Corrective Action
>> Plan
>> NEW YORK (December 2009) - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
>> (CPSC) and The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) are announcing an
>> industry-wide voluntary corrective action plan covering roman-style shades
>> and roll-up blinds to prevent the potential hazard of strangulation to
>> young children.
> The more that get strangled the better.

Harsh. Still...

>> The recall involves window coverings that can form a loop and cause
>> strangulation.
> Makes a hell of a lot more sense to get some darwinian selection back into
> the system.

For once I agree. Might have been better if Darwin had started at least one
generation previously, though. Offspring tend toward the norm.

Cheers, Bev
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