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>> The manipulation
>> that anxious kids employ in order to control their
>> world so that they don't have to face situations that
>> concern them is more subtle and parents often
>> think something else is going on and basically coddle
>> the kid, enabling them to continue to avoid things
>> that concern them.
> What sort of things did you avoid as a kid? I couldn't work out how to
> avoid
> maths or PE!
Never wanted to avoid maths, but any PE (athletics) I wanted to avoid was
In the first year I arranged my violin lesson over it. Set it in the middle
and I just had time to get changed have my lesson, keep the teacher talking
afterwards then change again. I wouldn't have got away with it for an
academic lesson though!
Second year I was put in the non-athletic group. But all the rest of the
tennis team were in the athletic group. So I innocently suggested that I
ought to practice with my partner-so I did tennis both lessons rather than
just one.
Third year one of my friends was diabetic and we worked out a system where
we would just about jog down to the far end of the field then make a
carefully controlled comment about her sugar levels dropping and we were
sent back to school together.
Fourth year the teacher didn't bother to make me. I'd arrive to athletics
and the teacher would say "I think they need an extra for the tennis
group-Debbie could you help them!".

It helped that I was by far the best at tennis so I think they were willing
to compromise me doing athletics (at which I was spectacularly bad) to
encourage my tennis.

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