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I had the Mirena for about 18m and had it placed around 6m pp. As a bc
method and for bf'ing Iliked it but I got cramps and an ovarian cyst with
it, which eventually caused me to have it removed. Insertion was, for me,
extremely painful and I cramped for a few days afterwards, and then I had
cramping on and off for months until it finally got too unbearable (like
early labor). I have just started with the Implanon which is a plastic
matchstick sized rod implanted in the inner arm which slowly releases
progesterone. So far so good, but it's fairly new in the US so you'll have
to call around to find a doctor who is trained in its insertion.

Good luck!

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> Anyone used the Mirena (progestagen-containing coil) while breastfeeding?
> How old was your baby when you started using it and was your bleeding
> pattern like? I'm deciding whether to go for this or a hormone-free IUCD
> after this baby's born, and I'd welcome any feedback on people's
> experiences.
> All the best,
> Sarah
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