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"Do you do yoga with your son, Elena Brower ?" I'm asked this question
pretty consistently. The answer: yes and no. When I was asked to film
a class with him for YogaGlo, I wasn't sure. My work is to serve my
students from an educated, experiential place, and I haven't been
trained to teach yoga to kids. Art for kids, yes. Yoga for kids, no.
Our attempts at practicing together essentially consist of me doing
two sun salutations and a few standing poses, 4-year-old Jonah walking
all over me, transforming my back into a pony ride and holding on for
dear life as I lift from up dog back into down dog — both of us
laughing all the way. Depending on the day, we may get in a flying
angel and some handstands. We just do what we do. Then, once a week,
the wonderful JoAnna Ross (founder of Yoga By The Dozen) lights the
path for him at New Field Yoga in New York City. He always comes back
from JoAnna's class happy, a bit softer, somehow, and with some new
animal pose to show me. And (maybe best of all!) he always sleeps
super soundly that night.
Yoga directly empowers children to engage in self-respect and respect
for others. Kids who practice enjoy long attention spans, enhanced
patience, self-esteem, confidence, refined motor coordination, better
balance, more creativity and better concentration. From my own limited
experience, my peers who were raised on yoga can claim all of these
qualities, and perhaps more importantly, when they do falter
emotionally or physically, their practice is there to unconditionally
support their healing. To read the full article: