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>> Mon Apr 15, 2002 11:35 pm
>> Since there aren't too many photos in this group right now, I created
>> a new folder consisting of several pictures of my former girlfriend,
>> Teresa, and descriptions of her real-life fighting past. I would be
>> interested in knowing, from the descriptions and accounts I gave, how
>> folks think she would have done if she would have fought at Academy.
>> I apologize if I posted this folder in error. If the creators of this
>> group feel it is out of place, I will gladly remove it.
>Janis joins a long line of Rethuglican scumbags like "Wide Stance" Larry
>Craig and "Diaper" Dave Vitter who engage in downright creepy, and probably
>illegal behavior while thumping their bibles and telling everyone else how
>to live their lives.

The man hates normal people. That's why he's a Republican. I wish Obama would
deport him to his native Albania.

Rob Cypher
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