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LiveJournal is a safe haven for defamation, libel, and pedophilia.

Until nearly a year ago, LiveJournal did nothing about the NUMEROUS
pedophile journals hosted there. Many were deleted, along with “fan
fiction” blogs to make it appear as though pedophiles were not being

LiveJournal, now owned by Russian company <SUP> still supports
libelous and defamatory content. Why? Because content means traffic,
and traffic means revenue. <SUP> is interested in nothing but revenue.

They have “safe harbor” as long as they comply with DMCA notices, so
their only worry might be having to disclose a subscriber’s identity.

They allow just about anything defamatory to stand: accusations of
child trafficking and abuse, as well as fabricated criminal histories.

LiveJournal also misrepresents the membership of its advisory board.
One person who had been defamed by LiveJournal contacted Harvard Law
Professor Lawrence Lessig, whose name appeared on LiveJournal’s site
as a member of their advisory board. Lessig’s office replied,
apologetically, that Lessig was no longer a member.

Tupshin Harper, who managed LiveJournal for several years, has been
replaced by Angelika Petrochenko. Even though Harper was more than
tolerant of libel and defamation, and he was the one who steered
LiveJournal through the pedophilia minefield, his bottom line did not
satisfy the new owners.

It is not clear what Petrochenko can, or will, do. Advertisers are
disgusted by LiveJournal’s policies, and are canceling complete
campaigns, often based on what they see on a single journal.