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*Learn to Recognize the Symptoms of Autism*
Do you know the symptoms of autism? Read "Understanding Autism" by
Leah Davies
for a list of the symptoms.

*Sign Language as a Classroom Management Tool*
Rick Morris says "Sign Language is one of the five things I would
never teach without." Read about simple ways to streamline classroom
discussion and procedures with the use of sign language in Using Sign
Language in the Classroom.

*In order to do the job, you need the best tools possible*
"Woodworking is a great metaphor for shaping and molding students,"
says teacher Stephen McClard. "There is simply no good substitute for
a sharp tool. If you want to build the best projects possible, you
need to use the best tools possible." Read The Future of Educational
Technology - The New Toolbox

*Phys Ed Activities and Games*
Need some novel, teacher-tested activities for physical education
class or recess activities? Teachers have submitted almost 200 of them
so far and you can read them all right here. Be sure to add your best
activities to the collection, too!