From: Greegor on
KBW > At one time, not so long ago, ex-con (one conviction for OWI

G > Kent made a fake record with no CASE NUMBER.

KBW > Liar.

Post the case number then!

KBW > and TWO convictions for BEATING his ex-wife),

G > Since when do the records name the victim?

KBW > Are you claiming you were not married to Donna?

Why would I make such a claim either way?

Somebody using that name mysteriously
posted through Motzarella once.
Now WHO do you suppose that REALLY was, Kent?

KBW > If you were not, why did you claim you were?
KBW > Please be specific in your answer.

You try the stupidest lies, and that's apparent
when you fail to post quotes and a LINK.

KBW > child abuser

G > based on WHAT records, what court?
G > or based on Kent's dislike of me?

KBW > Based solely on your own posts.
KBW > Were you lying?

KBW > and self confessed

G > If I CONFESSED, where is the
G > LINK to this ""confession" ?

KBW > Read the sig.
KBW > Yes, the original post "accidentally"
KBW > got removed from Google's public archive.

And Google removed every response e-mail
that quoted it?


KBW > Of course, Google still has the archived
KBW > post, they simply don't allow the public
KBW > to see it.

So you're saying that Google holds SECRET archives?

KBW > This is why you've taken no legal action, Greg.

WHY would I? Against WHO and for WHAT?

KBW > You are aware that as a disinterested
KBW > third party, Google's archive will be
KBW > accepted as evidence that you did
KBW > admit to the use and abuse of illegal
KBW > drugs.

So you're saying that YOU saw a post
in which I admitted to using street drugs?

If I admitted such a thing, then how is it
that such a message was not quoted
by anybody?

How was this imaginary post supposed
to have been ""accidentally"" removed?

KBW > I still maintain it's possible you lied, though
KBW > I can't think of a reason.

There is less of a question about you telling lies.
You are Kent Bradley Wills.

KBW > And you already slipped and admitted
KBW > you've always known double quotation
KBW > marks are NOT scare quotes and are
KBW > equal to using nothing at all.  Unless
KBW > that was a lie, you've just slipped and
KBW > allowed some more truth to come out
KBW > by admitting you did confess to the
KBW > use and abuse of illegal drugs.

You think you're perfectly sane, don't you?

KBW > user and abuser of illegal drugs,

G > Case number?

KBW > Last I knew you were never arrested, let
KBW > alone tried and convicted.  I've never
KBW > claimed you were.

You claimed I was court ordered into drug rehab, Kent.

KBW > Are you now claiming you were arrested for
KBW > and later convicted of a charge related to
KBW > illegal drugs?  That's the only way your
KBW > question can make sense.

OR you fabricated a fake court record
and asking what the case number is
revealed your deception.

KBW > Well, there is your psychological
KBW > INABILITY to be honest intentionally,
KBW > unless you think being honest will
KBW > promote one of your lies.

You write stuff as lunatic as this and
accuse me of the use of street drugs?