From: Greegor on
KBW > At one time, not so long ago, ex-con (one conviction for OWI

G > Kent made a fake record with no CASE NUMBER.

KBW > Liar.

G > Post the case number then!

KBW > Someday I'll go back to the records office
KBW > and get it.

Iowa OWI's are online, with case numbers.
This reveals your fiction, of course.

KBW > Of course, you long ago
KBW > admitted you have it.

I made no such admission.
This is why you have never linked to
where I made any such admission.

When that was pointed out you lied
some more saying that my ""admission""
was accidentally deleted, but that Google
has it in their secret archive.
(Miraculously this fictional admission
was never QUOTED by anybody either!)

If I posted such an admission, why
would that have been of so little
interest to Dan or yourself that you
would not have responded quoting it?!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,04-0202!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,04-0202