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How To Handle Abuse

Grown-ups are usually there to help and encourage kids, right? They
take care of them, help them learn how to do things, show them the
right way to behave, and encourage the good things that kids do. Most
adults treat kids well. But some adults hurt kids rather than help
them. Another word for hurting someone is "abuse."

You might have a picture in your head about what child abuse is like.
When it happens, abuse (say: ah-buse) can affect all kinds of kids, no
matter where they live, how much money their families have, or who
they live with. A kid can be abused by a parent, a stepparent, another
relative, a babysitter, teacher, coach, or a bigger kid. Child abuse
can happen at home, school, child care, or even in a church or other
religious building.

Tell Right Away
Any time a kid is being abused that kid should tell a trusted adult
right away. This can be hard because the abuser might have frightened
the boy or girl into staying quiet. No matter what the abuser says,
abuse is always wrong and there are different ways a kid can ask for
help and get it.

If a kid can't think of a trusted adult to tell, he or she can call a
special telephone number called a helpline, such as 1-800-4-A-CHILD.
If you know someone who is being abused, you can help by telling your
parent or another adult who can help.

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