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The Boston Globe

They’re fighting to stay on top at Latin
Students rallying for honors courses

By James Vaznis
Globe Staff / March 6, 2010

Students have collected more than 500 signatures on a petition.
Hundreds have joined a Facebook group. And their parents have been
firing off letters to school administrators.

They are rallying behind a push to save honors classes at Boston Latin
School, following the school’s announcement last week that it would
scrap the classes and instead focus on expanding access to more
rigorous college-level courses.

The move to drop honors classes next year has caused a stir at this
most competitive of public schools, where even the slightest deviation
in a grade point average is a cause of alarm for many students.

Supporters of the honors classes say the courses have served as a good
middle ground for generations of students whose skills are above the
level of standard courses but are not ready for college-level, or
Advanced Placement, classes.