From: Colleen Donovan on
Please help Jacob's Cure find a treatment for the rare and fatal
disease, Canvan disease. We need your help!

Jacob’s Cure is a non-profit organization who is dedicated to finding
a treatment and ultimately a cure for the rare Canavan disease.
Canavan disease is a fatal genetic neurological disorder that affects
children at birth, one where the child becomes trapped inside their
own bodies. Since its inception in September 2000, Jacob’s Cure
allocates monies raised to research in gene-therapy, stem cell
transplantation, pharmacological approaches and basic science in
understanding Canavan disease. Their efforts to date have resulted in
successful gene-therapy trials and pharmaceutical interventions that
have, in most cases, stopped the progression of this quickly
deteriorating disorder in children afflicted with Canavan disease
worldwide.In addition, Jacob’s Cure is responsible for creating/
funding the Canavan Research lab at UMDNJ/SOM at the direction of Dr.
Paola Leone. The efforts at the CR lab focus solely on research and
intervention that will save the children dying of Canavan today.

Jacob’s Cure is participating in the Chase Community Giving, which is
backed by JP Morgan Chase. Chase Community Giving supports local
charities and their efforts. The program is giving away $5 million to
the 200 charities that receive the most votes from the Chase Community
Giving contest. This is an amazing opportunity for Jacob’s Cure to
receive funding to continue their search for a cure for Canavan
disease. Voting is easy, and takes only a few seconds, just click on
this link,, and vote
for Jacob’s Cure as the charity you support. In just a few seconds you
could make a difference in a child’s future. Please show your support
for this wonderful cause and vote. But do not stop there, encourage
your friends and family to participate as well. This is your chance to
create positive change in the world.

Please help us! There is only one day left to vote and we need to find
a way to fight this terrible disease. Please support this cause and
families who must deal with it. Vote