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>>> I didn't think that Japanese were so rude and stupid
>>> as to hang out in a newsgroup like alt.kook,
>>> and to be buddies with sociopaths
>>> like Art Deco and Bob Officer.
>> The operative words are, "I didn't think".
>>> I suspect that "Fujikawa Yamamoto" is really a laid off Jewish
>>> UAW member, trying to make the Japanese bad.
>> I don't like matzoh balls. Guess again.
>> Much of mainstream Japan is Westernized now. You have American
>> business and the UAW to thank for the cultural "evolution".
> And as I indicated in another tread yesterday,
> if General Motors had used my "Jimmy Cartering" service

If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his butt on the ground.

> to "Mel Gibson" and discredit Ralph Nader,
> the Corvair would have been the biggest selling car of all times,
> and General Motors would have 50% of the world car market.

Parts should not fall off the car as it drives off the dealer lot...

> The UAW wounded the American Auto Industry,
> and Ralph Nader put the coupe de grace on it.

Lousy market assessment, poor forecasting and bad product delivery in
those markets is what nailed the US automotive industry. When gas went to
$3.64 a gallon for regular unleaded, GM responded with 454 V8's.

> Also if Lafayette Electronics and Superscope
> had made provisions for alternate
> Asian and Latin American sources
> for the Japanese product they sold,
> most of the TV sets in the world would
> still be made in Chicago.

And the Great Lakes would still be burning. Gimme a break...

> In case folks don't know "Fujikawa Yamamoto"
> was the Japanese Kamikaze pilot,
> that went on 40 missions.
> He became well known in Japan as "Chicken Sukiyaki ".